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Analysis of development trend and prospect of foundry industry

Industry dynamic
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Current status of the foundry industry.
1.Talent shortage.In the process of the development of China's casting technology,what is most lacking is not technology,but talents.The main reasons for the brain drain are the low salary and poor working environment of domestic casting enterprises.
2.Small enterprise scale.Many foundry enterprises,small scale.There are many working foundry enterprises,and many of them are small in scale and relatively backward in technological level,resulting in low labor productivity,low product quality,and sometimes safety accidents and vicious competition.These problems hinder the development of enterprises.
3.Low quality of employees.The vast majority of workers in China's foundry enterprises are temporary workers with low education,lack of necessary training,poor skills and high mobility.Therefore,most of the workers on the job are newcomers who have little understanding of the foundry production order and technological means,leading to low production quality and efficiency.
China is a casting power,to transform into a casting power,we must overcome resources,energy,human resources and environmental problems.High efficiency,high quality and environmental protection are the development direction of the casting industry.Therefore,high and new technology must be used to improve casting quality and change the low technical content of Chinese castings in the international market.China has entered a new era,the foundry industry is faced with good opportunities of development,the rapid development of China's economy has entered a stage of high quality development of globalization,these opportunities,for China's foundry industry to realize the change of cast by casting powers into power,provides an excellent opportunity,casting industry will step into the development of high quality stage.
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The company adheres to the quality policy of"scientific and technological innovation,integrity-based,pursuit of excellence and customer supremacy".The long-term development goal of the enterprise is"to be a world-class precision casting enterprise,create value for customers,and make contributions to the development of the industry and social progress".Established from r&D,design,production to sales of complete quality,management system.The company passed the IS09001--2000 quality management system certification in 2001,and passed the review in 2004.